Odds are you wound up on this page because you’re one of 15 people I personally invited here to share your opinion about MUSICIANS.net because YOUR opinion matters.

I recently acquired this domain name and I’m searching for BIG IDEAS, little ideas, partners, collaborators, and connections.

So if you have 1 – 3 minutes to answer a few Questions then I’d be most grateful. Just Let me know if you’d like me to say ‘Thank You’ by sending you a Starbucks Gift card.

The survey is followed by frequently updated list of ideas on the final Results page.  Feel FREE to SHARE this Survey with anyone else you know who might have some valuable Input.

Also, I’m cool with Self Promotion, so if you’d like a shameless plug, this is your chance, just let me know what you’re thinking.

Welcome to the Musicians.net Survey

NameBusinessEmailPhone Number
If you were tasked with making the MUSICIANS.net website into anything you wanted, what would would it be about?
If this was your website would you be inclined to include:
Would the website you have in mind appeal to all ages or to a specific age group?
How often do you attend live music performances annually?
How do you usually hear about the upcoming live music events you attend?
If you buy music, where do you buy music?

If you host your music online, where do you host it?

How often do you purchase music in a digital format?
How often do you purchase music in a physical format (CDs, records, cassettes, etc.)?
How often do you stream music online?
How often do you download music from file-sharing websites?
How likely are you to pay for music content online instead of using a free service?
On a typical day, how many hours do you listen to music?
On a typical day, how many hours do you listen to music on the radio?
On a typical day, how many hours do you listen to online streaming music?
Do you use a SmartPhone to listen to music?
Which of these smart devices to you use daily?
How do you communicate with your friends most often?

What graphics would be more appealing to you as a potential customer visiting the website?

What question(s) would you suggest I ask in this survey that I haven't already asked?  Be serious...or not.
Including yourself, is there anyone who you think I should talk to about this project?

Last Question... can I compensate you for your time and effort?

Thank you thank you thank you.